“Mary, Contemplation” Work-in-Progress

“Mary, Contemplation”

"Mary- Contemplation" Work in Progress

“Mary- Contemplation”
Work in Progress

I put this one away for a few months so I can see her with fresh eyes. I will start working on it again soon.
I started late last year with the photo of my friend as the model, then I did the drawing to study the pose.
I will simplify the drapery after I complete the face and hands.
Still very early in the process but I think it will look good in various lighting situations. A big part of relief sculpture is creating the illusion of depth with shadows.


Wind Spirit sculpture

Wind Spirit sculpture

“Wind Spirit” wall hanging sculpture

Wind Spirit sculpture

Wind Spirit

I sculpted this one a while back but it’s one of my favorites.

Some of my new sculptures will probably be designed to work with this one as a set.

This is the sketch I made after working with a model to create the composition.

Sketch for Wind Spirit

Sketch for Wind Spirit

Sculpted in clay, cast in Drystone, then finished with a bronze emulsion.

I do the entire process myself.