Why are Artists obsessed with nudes ?


Drawings, paintings, photography, and particularly sculptures are often nudes.


1. Intrinsic beauty

Nude people are beautiful. Part of it is sexual, but it’s much more than just that.

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“Mary, Contemplation” Work-in-Progress

“Mary, Contemplation”

"Mary- Contemplation" Work in Progress

“Mary- Contemplation”
Work in Progress

I put this one away for a few months so I can see her with fresh eyes. I will start working on it again soon.
I started late last year with the photo of my friend as the model, then I did the drawing to study the pose.
I will simplify the drapery after I complete the face and hands.
Still very early in the process but I think it will look good in various lighting situations. A big part of relief sculpture is creating the illusion of depth with shadows.

My art classes are different from most craft classes.

I think of my sculpture/art classes as something more like piano lessons. Making art requires a combination of skills, practice, and inspiration. I don’t judge success based on some sort of physical object at the end, I am more interested in the process that got us to that finished sculpture.

When you talk to your kids about the sculpture class ask them about their inspiration, their ideas and how much they enjoyed the process. Of course it’s interesting to see and talk about the sculptures and other art that they make also, but it is not be the main focus of my class.

Sculpture class

I think it’s interesting that as I learn more about making sculptures I appreciate other people’s sculptures all the more. I also have learned to appreciate many different types of art which I may not have appreciated before. By focusing on the process and the art of creation it’s possible to see many ways to explore those ideas. This extends to all types of Art.
I have made many sculptures which I completed and then put back into the bucket. I also have some sculptures which I have worked on for over a year and will probably never finish and actually don’t even want to finish.
It’s not about the sculpture… it’s about making that sculpture.
Singing in the shower is not about the song, it’s about singing.

Piano lessons and piano practice are a way to learn the skills and understand the tools required to make good music but the real payoff is getting enough experience and skills to love making music.

I hope to help everyone develop an artistic passion and confidence, so that their whole life is enriched by the arts.

( My classes are offered for Kids, and for Teens/Adults – register at the Dublin,CA website )

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Wind Spirit sculpture

Wind Spirit sculpture

“Wind Spirit” wall hanging sculpture

Wind Spirit sculpture

Wind Spirit

I sculpted this one a while back but it’s one of my favorites.

Some of my new sculptures will probably be designed to work with this one as a set.

This is the sketch I made after working with a model to create the composition.

Sketch for Wind Spirit

Sketch for Wind Spirit

Sculpted in clay, cast in Drystone, then finished with a bronze emulsion.

I do the entire process myself.

How to Encourage Creativity and Expression in Art

tell me about your artwork.” is always a great thing to say.

Never say “ I like the elephant sculpture you made” – it might not be an elephant. To them it’s a perfect dog. If an adult sees it as an elephant then it must not be “good”.

Never say “ what’s that ? ” – to them it’s obvious what it is. If you can’t figure it out they will think you don’t like it.

Find something good to say, but never pretend to like something.
They can smell a lie about art every time. Even if the sculpture is broken, or not well made ask things like “ tell me how you made that texture” or “what sort of tools did you use?

Find Art in everyday experiences.
Point out patterns you see in clouds, or in the shape of a rock. Look for textures and colors everywhere you are. Don’t think of art as just that stuff in museums.

Never make changes, or directly help to make someone else’s artwork.
It’s ok to give advice if asked, but only the artist’s hands should touch the art. If you or I make even a small change or correction it’s no longer their artwork. This is Rule #1

The most important habit for an Artist is drawing and sketching.

It doesn’t matter if the drawings are “good”, what matters is that by constantly drawing the Artist learns to properly see things that others can’t see. Keep paper and pencils in the car, and by their bed. Always ask permission before you look at the drawings, it shows respect for the work. Even if the artist is mostly a poet, drawing and quick sketching is a fast way to capture an idea or feeling.

Eric Haggin “Eric The Sculptor”


I am “ EricTheSculptor “ on Instagram ,Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, Tumblr, Pinterest, and many more.