“Boudoir” Sculptures

“Boudoir” photos are great, but I can make something even better…

Boudoir Sculptures.

I artistically hand sculpt sculptures based my client’s photos and/or modeled live. Photos can never capture your beauty the way a real sculpture can.

I also can do direct body casts with exquisite detail. Check my body cast page at www.BodyCast.Me


Torso body cast

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, I will make a free, no obligation sample sculpture of you so you can visualize the finished sculpture. Prices for finished sculptures start as low as $200 for a small bas-relief.

These are not computer generated scans, I use centuries old techniques and skills to create expressive sculptures in clay. The final sculpture can be cast in resin, plaster, Drystone, or true bronze.

I am professional, discreet, creative, and passionate about sculpting these unique and expressive portraits.

You can choose a low relief ( wall hanging ) sculpture

Wind Spirit sculpture

Wind Spirit



Or a full 3d sculpture to display on a shelf.

—  Current works-in-progress  —

My quick prototype model for a portrait client.
This sort of rough sketch is great to help us decide on the proper scale for the final portrait. She will bring it home to see how it looks where the final sculpture will placed.
I do 2 or 3 of these at no cost before I decide on the price of the custom portrait.
13″ tall

IMG_0948 square

Commissioned portrait

Portrait of TC

Portrait of TC – (Work in Progress)

Woman on Wall

Woman on Wall (Work in Progress)

The final sculpture can be cast in resin, plaster, or true bronze.

Body Casts – I also am experienced with body casting. We make body casts ( life casts ) with incredible detail using 100% safe materials.

This is my body cast site – – www.BodyCast.Me
These are great as treasured keepsakes, reminders of special moments in your life, or personal and meaningful art works.
We use museum quality casting materials TufStone and DryStone, these are similar to plaster but much stronger and are able to capture exquisite detail.

Female torso cast. https://bodycastart.wordpress.com/adult/adult-torsos/

Female torso cast.

Cheaper and quicker than hand sculpted clay, body casts are a great option.

Contact me for details.

Eric Haggin “Eric The Sculptor”
925 336-6462  << voice or text Facebook >> https://www.facebook.com/EricTheSculptor

Instagram >> https://instagram.com/ericthesculptor/

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