Custom Portraits

Family portrait

Portrait of Kyle- Sculpted clay ( Work in Progress)


Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.19.41 AM

Wall hanging family portrait

Haggin Family 2004 copy

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These are not computer generated 3d printed , I artistically hand sculpt them in clay using traditional skills and techniques.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, I will make a free, no obligation sample sculpture of you so you can visualize the finished sculpture.

Contact me for details.


A handmade sculpture takes at least 6 hours of live sculpting from the model, and many more hours by me refining details from photos. Usually you should expect three, 2 hour sittings.

Most models enjoy the time listening to their music and it’s not really necessary to remain still.
I can also work only from photos if the subject is not available. Please provide many photos showing all sides and various positions.

Sculpting family portrait

Sculpting family portrait


I also do pet portraits.

Even if your pet has died I can use photo to make a memorial sculpture.

Casper the Eskie

Casper the Eskie

In this current project (unfinished work in progress) I added the family cat into the composition.


I am always happy to provide free estimates for sculptures. Tell me a bit about what you want, and provide a few photos by email or meet with me personally. I will make a quick, small sample model ( maquette ) for you to approve. All of this is done at no cost or obligation.
I’m sure you will find that the cost is lower than you would have expected for handmade, personalized art.
If your sculpture is to be cast in bronze, I will charge you for my sculpting, and pass on the foundry costs at no additional markup other than a $200 charge for my supervision at the foundry.